About PartSale Store

I am easily satisfied with the very best”
                                                                   Sir Winston Churchill

All the best and important things that have been created by men began with love: for people, nature, earth, sky, sea, and a lot of what more...
Our firm also has appeared with love!
Love for cars and everything related to them became the strongest motivation for establishing our business.
Love, interest, a great desire to do everything that you are undertaking at the highest level, best of all, allowed our team to achieve significant results:
  • Sale of small quantities of tires to garages and small tire fitting workshops in Latvia in 2004,
  • Creation of a customer base in all major cities of Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine in 2006,
  • Acquisition of two large modern service stations in Riga and Liepaja in 2007,
  • Opening of the first online store www.febishop.lv, through which we provided the sale of tires at retail in the Baltic States in 2008; with subsequent conversion to www.febishop.eu in 2010 with the ability to deliver tires throughout the European Union and Russia,
  • Foundation of a company Eurotransoil selling well-known brands of oils such as: Castrol, Mobil, Shell, Elf, Total in 2009. During the first year of the work the company's turnover amounted to EUR 1.5 million.
In May 2012 a merger of two wholesale companies Febishop and Eurotransoil has happened. Now they know us as PARTSALE.
Our plans are realistic: we gain the world sequentially, stage by stage, step by step moving forward.
We are learning, developing and improving!
We continue to strive to be the best!
We do our job with love and inspiration!
It is comfortable, convenient and safe with us!
Want to know why?
  • Our service and deliveries are the best, because we have extensive experience in this field;
  • We know what crisis is and have learned to overcome adversity. And we are convinced that perseverance and faith lead to success;
  • Our company responsibly attitudes to all obligations;
  • We abide deadlines;
  • We deliver the goods to your door;
  • We offer a system of discounts;
  • We have a huge range of products that will satisfy every need, even the most discerning buyer;
  • We have a wide selection that is confirmed by the stock of more than 40 million items of tires and spare parts;
  • We care about each customer individually, regardless of whether it is physical or legal person, and in what parts of the world he lives;
  • Every member of our team always strives to understand the buyer's needs and helps to make the best choice at really low prices;
  • Different ways of payment for goods and services are optimally matched to each customer for his better convenience and satisfaction.
We are confident that we will achieve all striving for.
Our team knows that the foundation of any successful business is built on relationships, and relationships are created by the people, their emotions, their energy, desires, dreams and goals. That is why we highly appreciate and respect every human being.

On the basis of the website www.partsale.euin the near future the world's largest stock exchange market will be created, covering a huge amount of goods and services associated not only with cars.

Be with usChoose the best!

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 Address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 47R, UK
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