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In order to start trading at partsale.eu you need:

1. Register as a Seller. To do this, please select "Yes" in the field "Do you want to become Seller/Vendor?" when creating an account.

2. After completing the form, you will receive a notification asking you to confirm your e-mail. To confirm your email please follow the link in the notification.

3. In your personal account "Marketplace" section will appear. This section will contain following subsections:


"Seller profile" - the information from this section is checked by the administrator. In case of false information your account may be blocked.

At the bottom of this section there is a subsection "Edit payment information". If you are a private person and do not make regular sales, you can enter your bank account number or Paypal account ID number, where the funds from your sales will be transferred to, excluding the commission fee and the cost of transaction.

If you are a trader and you have a Paypal Business Account, then it is necessary to fill in the subsection "Set Paypal detail". This data is available in your Paypal profile, in tab "Profile and Settings" - "My selling tools" - "API Access" - "View Api Signature". Using this method, you will get the money from the buyer directly to your Paypal account, excluding the commission fee.

"New products" - a section to add the goods for sale to your store (vendor account). To do this, you need to select a set of attributes corresponding to your product, product category and fill in the required fields to provide customer information on your product. From the completeness of entered information depends how fast your goods will be sold.

Please note that each field has an icon - Hint.

Once all the data is entered, click "Save".

Your goods will be available for sale after approval by the website administrator. You will be notified by email. This section is for entering a small amount of goods.

"My product list" - a section that lists all the added items with an option to edit or delete.

"My dashboard" - a section that displays the statistics of your sales.

"My transactions list" - a section where you can see a list of all the payments committed by you and your customers with the possibility of sorting.

"Manage shipping" - a section to configure the delivery of your goods to the buyer. In the "Vendor shipping management" subsection you should enter the data that will be displayed in the header of the invoice. In the "Shipping manager" subsection you should upload the file created in accordance with the example file, which can be downloaded from this section.

"Assign product" - this is the section in which you can add products that cannot be added through the section "New products" due to existing article or the existence of the same product for sale on the website but from another seller. You should find such product by the name or by the article and click on "Assign" button, then enter the additional information, and this product will be automatically published.
• "Assign product list" - in this section you can view a list of assigned items for editing.

• "Followers" - this section allows you to see information about your subscribers.

"Mass upload product" – a section for products mass uploading. Our platform allows importing from the following file formats: CSV; XML; XLS. To import products you should create a file in accordance with the example file in this section. Then specify the location of this file and the location of a folder with product images, and then upload it.

"Pay seller fee" - this section is temporarily unavailable.

"My order history" - this section displays a list of all orders (of your sales) with their status and the ability to edit.

• In the section "Withdraw and commissions" you can get acquainted with our rates.